Archive of submissions

In the Administration Panel you can view the submission log of your form at any time. It provides with the listing insight into the received submissions with the possibility to view their sending data, download file attachments and mark the submission as advertising or delete it.



The incoming submissions are listed in the inbox. Depending on your membership plan, you can access the submissions from the last month or the whole of last year. After one year, submissions data will be automatically and permanently deleted from the system.


If submissions have been identified as spam by one of our spam detection techniques or you have manually classified them as spam, they will end up in the spam folder. If a submission has ended up here by mistake, you can put it back in the inbox. Spam is automatically removed after one month.


Manually deleted submissions end up in the trash. If a submissions was accidentally deleted, it can be restored to the inbox. However, if you want to remove submissions immediately, you also have an option of permanently deleting them here. Irrespective of this, submissions in the recycle bin are automatically removed from our system after one month.