While Email Notifications allows you to directly get a notification for new submissions, Auto-Responses will send an email to the person who submit your form. You can set up the content of this message with your personal text, according to the purpose of use, and thus send the sender a personal confirmation about the form submission.

Support for confirmation mails is already available from our standard plan. Memberships overview


In the settings area of your form, the configuration page for confirmation emails is accessible. This page contains the following settings to enable the functionality and customize it to your needs.


With the option switch the sending of the confirmation mails can be activated and switched off again at any time.

Form field

The confirmation emails are sent to the address that the user has entered in the form. In order for to find this address in the form inputs, the name of the form field where the email address is entered must be set in the settings.

After submitting a form, searches the submitted form entries for the specified form field and an entered e-mail address. If a valid address is found in this field, the confirmation e-mail is sent.

When entering the field name, pay attention to the precise writing incl. observance of capitalization.

Your details

For the sender information, enter the name that is to appear as the sender in the confirmation e-mails. Furthermore, an e-mail address is set here that is to be used as the target address when replying to the confirmation e-mails.


With the message, you can insert any text for the confirmation emails. This content will be sent in plain text form, without formatting (such as HTML markup).