We introduced our filter at the beginning of 2021 to identify and eliminate unwanted messages before they end up in your inbox. Online forms are often abused to send automated advertising content. It is important to us to provide our users with optimal techniques to sort out these spam messages in the best possible way.

Our filter

With the much-hyped machine learning, our in-house filter continuously improves itself and thus becomes more and more reliable in terms of routing out advertisement in submissions. We have deliberately decided to develop the filter ourselves and not to use a third-party provider. This is, on the one hand, to maintain full control over the filter function and its optimization. On the other hand, there's no need to transmit the form input to another company, which would create a potential privacy problem.

Activate the filter

From now on, our spam filter is enabled for new forms by default. In return, the captcha input is no longer enabled by default, which simplifies the form submission process. In the form settings, you can still set which functions should be used for spam prevention.

panel spam filter

Of course, the new spam filter is also available to all existing users. Just activate it in the settings of your form!